Argos, Ulysses’ dog, was the only one to recognize his master when he returned after 20 years of war and wandering dressed as a beggar. Flooded with emotion, he breathed his last breath. This myth illustrates the fidelity, sensitivity, and unconditional love that pets have for their masters.

During an individual pet cremation, the ashes will be collected in an urn that will become the pet’s final resting place. By creating aesthetic and personalised objects, Meminis wanted to accompany this painful moment, to pay homage and keep the memory of these irreplaceable companions alive. This pet urn is a special way to show love for a pet that was dear to you, and to keep your companion close forever.

. Our pet funeral urns are expertly crafted

. Purely shaped urn in raw Limoges porcelain, hand made by a talented craftsman in France

. Our products are the object of close attention and are made with love

. Limoges porcelain . 3 sizes: L9*L9*H3.7 inches – 0.6 Gal L6.7*L16.7*H3.5 inches – 0.3 Gal
L5.5*L5.5*H3.1 inches – 0.15 Gal

. Free delivery

Honor your four-legged companion who has given you so much joy and friendship, with the Argos Anthracite urn.